Welcome to ART STIM. I created this portfolio to reflect the inspiration and creative processes behind my artwork and wall art ideas. Putting my work on show has always been a challenge for me. Art is such a huge part of who I am, yet I would do anything to avoid attention. My diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome a few years ago explained a lot. Art is essential to my communication. And autism is integral to my art.


Art, by nature, is frustratingly indefinable – in this way, and many others, Art and Autism go hand in hand. Autistic Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, can affect the way that a person processes
sensory information. And all art, of course, is sensory. Patterns, pictures, wall art, concepts; my head is full of them. When you have ASD, your brain seeks repetition in the chaos of the everyday. My art is a response to these sounds, sights and experiences – this is how I find a pattern within the disorder of living.


Routine can be comforting when you live with ASD. I like to know what will happen next, and when it will happen. I like order, structure and organisation. The paintings featured in my ROUTINE gallery are created from this calm. I know what I am trying to say, and how I want to say it. This is reflected in the end result: peaceful, balanced scenes; with just enough noise to appreciate the quiet. An exploration of the interaction, intimacy and isolation of everyday life.

Wall Art Ideas. Routine Gallery Link. Art Stim by TC


‘Stimming’ is the repetition of physical movements, sounds, or words – such as clicking fingers, rocking back and forth, or tapping. It is common among those with ASD, and for me it’s a way of restoring balance amongst the turbulence that I sometimes feel in my head. The artwork in my STIMS gallery has served the same purpose – a linear reaction to the imbalances around me. Much like stimming, these wall art ideas take shape instinctively; evolving through movement rather than concrete intent. They appear on the page without thinking.

Wall Art Ideas. Stims Gallery Link. Art Stim by TC


When you live with Autism, the world can be a noisy place. When all is chaos, I like to create structure. I collect and sort bottle tops – strange, maybe, but I’ve always had a passion for uniformity. This compulsion, I turn into art: creating something from nothing. The artworks featured in the MELTDOWN gallery originate from this noisy place. The process is exciting and unpredictable. Chaos isn’t always easy, but at least its never dull.

Wall Art Ideas. Meltdown Gallery Link. Art Stim by TC


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